Predictive Maintenance API

Optimizing the asset usage requires calculating the asset’s remaining-useful-life (RUL) based on the current and historic usage patterns and building a mathematical model that is capable of extrapolating failures from the past to the future.

Problem:  Calculate the reliability of a system of components

Methodology: Cenacle offers Predictive Maintenance API that allows failure estimation based on the below methodology:

  1. Given system is decomposed into individual logical components
  2. Reliability is calculated for each component under the given conditions
  3. Reliability of the system is derived as an aggregated value of the individual results

Results: A truly one of a kind predictive maintenance API that computes reliability based on the design parameters and real-time operating conditions

Key concepts: Predictive Maintenance, M2M Telematics, Reliability Engineering, Failure Prediction, Condition-based Maintenance, API, RUL

Domain: Automotive, Engineering