DevOps Services

Server consolidation, real-time monitoring, continuous integration and deployment, docker-based virtualization etc. are some of the ways to optimize the infrastructure costs.

Problem: Customer wanted to reduce the server maintenance costs and speedup the deployment process

Methodology: Cenacle optimized the IT infrastructure costs by implementing the DevOps best practices as below:

  1. Consolidated the servers to share the resources
  2. Created Docker containers for core modules that need scaling
  3. Implemented CI/CD for auto deployment
  4. Implemented monitoring tools to identify and auto-scale the resources based on demand

Results: Achieved a 3 fold reduction in the server costs over a period of 6 months from USD 18k down to USD 6k

Key technologies used: Kubernetes, Docker, Rancher, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Grafana, Postgres, Nagios, Prometheus

Domain: IT Infrastructure, DevOps